Hello, I am Alashi

I am a freelance illustrator, comic book artist living in Taiwan.
I think I’m a very lucky person because my work is my hobby, and I really enjoy it.
I create a variety of different types of graphic design, from illustrations, character designs, comics and mascots, etc.
I enjoy creating them with a sense of story and humor.
My aim is to create vibrant and engaging illustrations that communicate joyful, relatable or informative messages.

Plus, I am an exclusive artist with iStockphoto ( gettyimages ),
so far I’ve been creating more than 6500 images.
It would be my pleasure to show you my art works, please refer to the link below.
Alashi Vector Illustrations Library

I used to..

I used to work full-time as a web designer at an elearning company.
I got along with my coworkers, and the atmosphere in the office was cheerful. My boss was easy to talk to, and she put a lot of trust in her employees.
It was stressful at times when we had to work long hours to meet a deadline, but I enjoyed it.
The work allowed me to be creative and to express myself.
Each time I saw a finished product, I felt like all of the hard work we’d put into it was worth it.
I really feel that the job helped me grow as a person. I’ll always appreciate that.